What a show! Missed the adventure? Watch it here!

Did you catch Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night on ABC? What an amazing opportunity for these girls!

Here are the two episodes that aired on 9-26-2010. Please ignore the ads… and if you don’t have time to watch both episodes, check out the recap further down the post.

Episode One:

Episode Two:

ABC’s Episode Recap:

Ty and the team are headed to Baltimore for a brand new season of makeovers and special guests. The kids from Modern Family get down and dirty to help with the build. Superstars Katy Perry, Raven-Symone and Shaquille O’Neal also stop by to lend a hand. And we even have a new designer–Jillian Harris! Now, let’s get to the makeover!

A group of young men want to provide a home for a group of young ladies. They are part of “Boys Hope Girls Hope Baltimore.” This program takes scholarly kids from the city and places them into a safe home with positive role models and mentors. There’s already a place for the boys, but there are seven special girls who don’t have a home. At least…not yet!

Raven-Symone stops by to bid adieu to all those young ladies as they head off for a Hollywood vacation. They get a brand new wardrobe and a surprise visit from Katy Perry, who even gives the shoes off her feet to one of the girls. Katy gives Xzibit tips on how to design a room based on the candy-land in her “California Gurls” video. As the dad of three girls, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal also gives his take on what the ladies like.

The house will be “old Baltimore architecture meets the future.” The pieces of a modular home are plopped into place on a sound foundation with concrete Raven helped pour. Michael gets basement detail. Ty’s on the main floor while new girl Jillian tackles bedrooms. Paul and Xzibit will make the rounds everywhere else.

In order to create a room that inspires exploration, Michael and Raven plot a place with lots of clocks, currency and furniture made out of suitcases. Ty gets the boys from the program help him build a 24-foot long table to represent a place of unity. With Jillian calling the shots, Michael, Paul and Xzibit create a chandelier of doors.

A storm threatens the build before the roof is put on the new home. Volunteers and a disaster relief team work round the clock to dry out the house. The team gets some bonus help when the kids from Modern Family (Ariel Winter, Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould) bicycle in whip everyone into shape. Nolan’s first order of business is to build a series of bigger, stronger mud pies.

What would an EMHE episode be without a surprise to make you cry? Ty lets the families know that every boy and girl associated with the Hope project will be getting full four-year college scholarships including room and board. The scholarships are worth a couple million dollars and the look of joy on everyone’s faces is priceless.

Now let’s breakdown this brand new monster-sized home:
The Main Room — A giant chandelier made of seven doors hangs from above. Each door represents the first seven girls to live there as well as the doors of opportunity that will open to anyone else who calls this place home. That big table Ty worked on with the boys has everyone’s name inscribed on top.
The Kitchen — A young girl named India is in tears when she sees the brand new stove, double-fridges and cabinets. Her father was a chef. Ty says this is a place where India can make her dad proud.
• The Candy Room — The only word we can think of to describe this place is: Sweet! There’s a big strip of treats hanging on the wall, candy heart-shaped pillows on the bed and a giant ice cream cone on the end table. Hope the ice cream isn’t real or things could get messy when it melts.
The Art Room — It’s quite the place to paint with an easel-friendly desk.
The Restaurant Room — There’s a café sign with India’s dad’s name hanging above the door.
The Bird Room — Dozens of paper birds fly high above the bed across from a special desk where the scholars are sure work hard for their future.
The Explorer Room — Giant clocks, maps of the world, cutouts of foreign currency are strewn throughout the room. The drawers made of suitcases should make packing easy.
The Office — It’s a mixture representative of the Boys Hope, Girls Hope and the real family of Program Director Kristy Norbert. To her, this feels like home.
The Library — It has tons of books and a bust of Shaquille O’Neal, who is studying to get his doctorate. This will either inspire the girls to study or send them out to do slam dunks.
The Secret Basement – Now, when you tilt the bust of Shaq forward, a secret passageway leads to the spacious basement with a huge white sofa where you can watch movies. There also computer lounge, a video chat area and totally cool interactive mirror.

We wrap things up with one more surprise when Ty says Ford has donated two new 2011 Edges for the kids. The guys of Boys Hope are completely amazed when they see the final result of all they helped build.

Welcome home, Girls Hope. Welcome home.

Thanks to the amazing team at ABC and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, for posting all these resources and materials online!