What’s Really Scary

As children head out on the leaf covered streets to begin another year of trick or treating, many of us do not realize how many kids in our society do not have the chances that these many do. The scary facts about this time of year do not have to do with ghouls and goblins, but rather the call to action for those stricken by poverty.

As the years end approaches ever closer, scarier facts of our most recent economic situation roll in. As a society, we continue to climb out of the recession. Businesses begin to open once again, the housing market looks more level and finally there is something on the news other than individual finances. However, many do not understand the hardships that our educational system is facing. Today the dropout rate for Colorado has grown each year at an alarming speed. It is up nearly two percent in just one year. This number grows even higher when the focus is turned to those students who come from poverty afflicted homes. Children become six times more likely to drop out of school when in a low income area with a predominantly low income family. Those who do stay in school often have trouble with misbehavior, declining grades and chronic absenteeism. When school districts close, many more students of these characteristic are challenged. They are forced to attend school further away from home, with classrooms that are over maximum capacity and with teachers that have lost most students already. The irony in this of course is that today, more than ever, students need to be prepared to go to college when leaving high school. It is very unlikely that those students who come from poverty will ever get out of poverty with no collegiate education.

What is the solution? We are blessed to live in a society that tries to make an impact on young minds. Boys Hope Girls Hope is simply on example of an organization that puts students first with the ideals of promoting their education. We at Boys Hope Girls Hope understand the staggering statistics that are always present. The possibilities that are given to young people will help to promote an open and endless future. The news often dwells on those that do not make a change in life, especially now that the challenges are bigger than ever. We see those challenges and have our students exceed the preparation to take on the future as it comes.

In my 4 years of knowing about Boys Hope Girls Hope and my three months of employment I can honestly say they have shown what it takes for young people to open a future. The lives I have seen changed are limitless. Coming from a background of education, I know how difficult it is for any student to find motivation to keep pressing on. The academic focus of BHGH will help specific individuals find their place in society and that in turn will help to change others. I currently have the pleasure of working with three are schools helping 4th and 5th grade students improve their communication skills to help advance them in their education. Interacting with these kids has helped me to understand the need that is out there for advancement in education. Helping education at this level will help to change the impoverished lives of so many. It takes each of us taking one step in the right direction to change the lives of thousands of others. I will strive to continue doing my part in the community and help to push forward the educational system with the continued support of my friends and family at Boys Hope Girls Hope.