Zoom Zoom for Fun and a Cause

Last year I found the perfect way to combine my interest in trying a half-marathon and my desire to raise money and interest among our friends to benefit the kids at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado.  I was very nervous about the half-marathon part of the equation, but was totally committed to helping BHGH.

Along with a group of other BHGH supporters, I participated in the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon/Half-Marathon last June.   I am NOT a runner, but BHGH provided a trainer, Maureen Roben, who gave me my very own training schedule – I was a beginning, fast walking (zoom!) half-marathoner.

Mary Fran and Tracy provided me with sample fundraising letters and stationery. (I could also have done fundraising by email and web page, but I’m old fashioned.) Out the letters went.  Would you believe not two days later I had a neighbor at my door with check in hand and an interest in BHGH?  What a start!  I was thrilled!

I was very nervous about the half-marathon, but because of the great training schedule, I was prepared and had no trouble completing the half-marathon.  It was so much fun!  (What a lot of spandex!)

My experience was one I’ll never forget — I was so touched that our friends were very generous to Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado.  I’m glad I was able to introduce them to this terrific program, and raise some money as well.  And seeing the kids at the airport upon our return to Denver brought tears to my eyes!

For more information on Hope in Motion or how you can participate, visit our website or contact Lauren at 720-524-2061.  Click here to download the brochure and sign up today!

Thanks to Susan Coleman for this wonderful account of her experience.